Las Vegas is located in the arid desert of the Southwestern United States, in the Southwest corner of Nevada, 42 miles from the California borde, 270 miles from Los Angeles, 301 miles from Phoeix, and 420 miles from Salt Lake CIt, and 274 miles from Grand Canyon National Park. It is extremely easy to get to with many domestic and international flights flying to McCarran International Airport, just a mile off the Las Vegas strip. usamap

Las Vegas itself has grown into a large city with many areas unrelated to tourism, with a population estimated to be over 600,000 in the city proper and over 2 million in the metropolitan area.

The Entertainment areas of Las Vegas that are of interest to most tourists center on 2 areas: Downtown Las Vegas, where the hotels first began, and Las Vegas Boulevard, known as “The Strip.” You will likely spend most of your time in these areas if you are staying in a Las Vegas hotel.

Be prepared for very hot temperatures in the summer (late May to September) with many days over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Late spring and fall are very pleasant with temps in the 80s, and winter months you can expect temperatures in the 50s.  Every place is air conditioned, so even during the hottest of days you can expect to be comfortable.

Average Temperatures:13762102





58 F (14 C)

34 F (1 C)


63 F (17 C)

39 F (4 C)


69 F (21 C)

44 F (7 C)


78 F (26 C)

51 F (11 C)


88 F (31 C)

60 F (16 C)


100 F (38 C)

69 F (21 C)


106 F (41 C)

74 F (23 C)


103 F (39 C)

74 F (23 C)


95 F (35 C)

66 F (19 C)


82 F (28 C)

54 F (12 C)


67 F (19 C)

43 F (6 C)


58 F (14 C)

34 F (1 C)

Planning your Trip

1. Plan the Dates you would like to visit.  Hotel prices are significantly lowered during the week and high on the weekend. Try to avoid booking the same weeks as major trade shows, such as the Consumer Electronics Show in the 2nd week of January. 13437921

2. Next book your hotels. You will almost certainly be able to find a great hotel at your price range. Here are a few of our favorite Las Vegas hotels with a n approximate price range. These are some of our top Classic Vegas-recommended hotels that we don’t thnk you’ll go wrong at, though there are many other fine hote;s.



Price Range

Golden Nuggett



Caesar’s Palace

Strip Flamingo Road



Strip Flamingo Road



Strip Flamingo Road


MGM Grand

Strip Tropicana Road


Palace Station (Tower Only)

I-15 and Flamingo


The Rio



New York New York

Strip Tropicana Road


Mandalay Bay

Strip Tropicana Road


Monte Carlo

Strip Tropicana Road


Mirage / Treasure Island

Strip Flamingo Road


The Wynn/ Encore

Strip Desert Inn


3. Next get your show tickets! Most of the time you will not need to purchase in advance and can purchase when in town.  However, some shows such as name performers (Elton John, Cher) or Cirque du Soleil shows may be sold out on weekend, so its best to purchase in advance. If you are coming to Las Vegas to see a particular show, of course you should buy your tickets before arriving in town.13333454

4. Now have fun!



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