For most of Las Vegas’ history as the Live Entertainment Capital of the World, visitors would be asked when they got home “Who’d you See?” rather than “Where’d you Stay.” The lure of the biggest names in show business performing live is what put Las Vegas on the map of national consciousness, perhaps almost as much as the gambling.  And if you couldn’t find anyone in the main showrooms to your liking, yojerry lewisu could always hang out in the Lounge and see many great acts, such as Louis Prima & Keely Smith, Don Rickles or Shecky Greene.

Las Vegas Weekly Rates the 25 Greatest Headliners in Las Vegas History!

Today big production shows such as Cirque du Soleil’s various incarnations dominate the entertainment scene, but there still is no place on Earth you can go to get such a variety of live performers, from big name acts such as Jerry Seinfeld and Celine Dion to up-and-comers who may one day get their names in mile-high marquees.

Click our list of Entertainers for the backstory of some of the town’s most legendary entertainers, how they came to fame and how long their careers lasted in Sin CIty.



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