Welcome to the swinginest place on the Internet! This is the site dedicated to providing you the best in classic entertainment, Las Vegas style. Were you searching for pirate ships and roller coasters? We’re sorry, pallie, but you’d best be going somewhere else. This site is all about sun, fun, slot machines, and the entertainers who made Las Vegas the Live Entertainment Capital of the World.

Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis and Dean Martin are here, as well as Elvis Presley, Wayne Newton and Bobby Darin. No matter how many hotels they blow Classic Vegas the pit boss still knows your name, Frank’s booked in the Main Room and Louis Prima still wails in the Lounge.

Our What’s New page is a great place to start and find out why everything old is new again. Learn about new CD, Video and DVD releases. Find out which hotels are going down and which are going up. Find out the latest on the remake of Ocean’s Eleven, starring George Clooney and Brad Pitt.

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The Entertainers are where all the stars of Classic Vegas hang out, but you get in without having to slip a twenty! Each performer has a complete biography detailing their start in show business and how they rose to have their name in neon. Also included are stats, CD, DVD and Video recommendations, and audio samples so you can compare their styles (Windows Media or compatible player required).

The Hotels page displays the history of many of Las Vegas’ most famous hotels, from the The Flamingo to The Sands to Caesars’ Palace.

Join us at the Show Guide for the most comprehensive entertainment listings on the Internet. If you’re coming to Las Vegas, find out who will be performing during your stay and purchase tickets.

You can’t leave Las Vegas without a visit to The Gift Shop and we have a great one for you. We occasionally have exclusives special historic items of interest from Las Vegas past.

If you have any comments or stories or pictures of Las Vegas you would like to share, you are welcome to e-mail them to us at


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